School Educational Visits

All tours are conducted within the original gold rush areas of Hill End and Tambaroora (1852).

The immense historical importance of the Gold Rush to Australia is undeniable.

The gold rush of 1851 and the following decades, dramatically increased the population of the colonies of NSW and Victoria.

The increase in population was immense. It brought multiculturalism to our shores along with skilled workers and just those who wished to work hard for a better life.

The gold rush created enormous wealth which in turn allowed the Governments to build schools, hospitals, extend railways to open up the colonies and much more.

The influx of population and wealth the gold rush created, grew the economy, creating jobs, business to service the growth and industry.

The Eureka Stockade in Ballarat in 1854 was the precursor to Democracy.

All our tours are conducted in the original Gold Rush Village of Hill End, famous for the richest 400 metres of gold in quartz (reef gold) even today and Tambaroora established in 1852.

Our Educational Tours follow a ‘one school at a time staying overnight’ policy. That is, to provide maximum hands-on experience, full and personalised service, and a relaxed environment.

Hill End Goldfields Education Centre has been operating for over 30 years.

Authenticity and hands on quality bring the importance of the gold rush alive for students.


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