Our tours encourage students to discover the importance of the Gold Rush era with hands on activities in these original gold rush areas. To appreciate the natural environment in which the hopeful miners toiled and families lived, the hardships they endured to survive.


Package Tours


    Irish Town Walk

    • Duration: Approx. ½ hour
    • Accompanied by a guide students can safely view steel grated mine shafts. An appreciation of the small “holes in the ground” the miners constructed. A walk to the remnants of Irish Town.

    National Parks Stamper Battery

    • Duration: Approx. 15 minutes
    • On site in the grounds of the NPWS Visitor Centre a static machine used to crush to hard quartz rock to release its treasure- gold. Guide explains the workings of this machine.
    • There are also horse drawn vehicles of the era to be investigated.

    National Parks & Wildlife Visitor Centre

    • Duration: Approx. ½ hour
    • Once the original hospital built in 1873 now the Visitor Centre.
    • Students can view a “sitting room” of the era. A Chinese “artefact room”, various items from the era and the hospital room complete with many scary medical instruments. An audio visual is also available.

    Damper Making

    • Duration: Approx. ½ hour
    • After a long afternoon out in the environment students return to the Ranch to make damper.
    • In groups of boys and girls they make one damper per group and we cook it in the commercial kitchen. Students have their damper with golden syrup (optional) for their supper. Teachers welcome a “cuppa” whilst the damper making is happening.