We provide the following accommodation for students, staff and drivers.

Educational Accommodation

    Girls Accommodation

    • Girls are accommodated in 4 bed rooms with shared amenities.
    • The rooms have 2 bunk style beds (Aust. Standard).
    • 8 rooms in total.
    • Female staff have a self contained cottage beside the girl’s accommodation. This cottage can sleep 3.
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    Boys Accommodation

    • Boys are accommodated in 2 circa 1930 first class sleeper train carriages 50 metres from the girl’s accommodation.
    • The compartments are twin share. Each carriage has 2 showers and two toilets.
    • Male staff are accommodated in a self contained unit at the trains.
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Extra Accommodation


    • 2 bunkhouses.
    • 1 sleeps 12.
    • 1 sleeps 18.
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    Staff & Drivers

    • 4 self contained units are available.
    • We allow 3 staff members per 50 students free of charge.
    • Extra staff at student rate for accommodation and meals- tours free of charge.
    • If staff do not wish to share available accommodation e.g. female and male staff cottages and require Single accommodation a cost will be applied.
    • Drivers are free of charge.

    Female Staff Accommodation

    Male Staff Accommodation

    Extra Staff/Parents

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